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Topping Out Ceremony Of Samsora Riverside Project
On the morning of December 30, 2018,Socon cooperated with the Owner -Samland Company held a Topping out ceremony the Block C of Samsora Riverside project. As follows, after less than 8months from the date of the package, the Samsora Riverside project has officially put up the roof of 3 blocks A, B and C with 23 floors.
The ceremony was attended by representatives of local leaders, of directors and employees of investors, contractors and several press agencies.

Previously, on December 22, 2018, Socon topped out Block B of the project in accordance with the schedule committed to the Owner. With topping out on December 30, 2018, Block C excelled in completing the structure work and topping out head the schedule of 25 days.

This is a worthy result for the determined efforts of the Site management board in particular and Socon in general. It can be said that to meet the rigorous project quality and progress demands given by Samland investor, in addition to applying modern construction measures to shorten building time, the contractor also must arrange the force of a number of engineers and workers to work continuously on the site, excluding days of and holidays.

Socon is continuing to accelerate the progress to hand over the project to the Owner in 2019.
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