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SOCON Continues Winning The Next Package Of Lee & Man Project

After 3 months of construction, Socon is completing the final items of the infrastructure package for Lee & Man Paper Factory - Hau Giang in accordance with the signed contract.

On 8/10/2018, the Owner has continued to assign Socon to carry out the next package of Lee&Man project including construction of roads, warehouses, workshops.

Although the value of the package is not too big, this is a great encouragement for Lee & Man Project management board in particular and whole Socon Staff. This also demonstrates their credibility for Socon through participating in construction for Lee & Man paper factory.

With the advantage of experience in building similar projects and the experience accumulated during the construction of the first package, Socon has offered reasonable engineering solutions, contributing to reducing construction costs to bring the most effective for the investor.

It is expected that this package will be carried out within 180 days and handed over to the owner in the early second quarter of 2019.
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