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Safety and health above all else

Thinking and working safely are primary part of our culture.

Making sure our people get home safely is the most important thing we do.

Our goal is Zero Harm. So we work hard to make our workplaces as safe as possible by constant monitoring and assessment, and by implementing a company framework. And we continuously review our processes to ensure all systems keep working effectively over time and equipment is maintained in a safe condition and operates correctly for managing safety and health.

Caring for the environment and preventing pollution are important to Socon. As an organization, we are not only committed all our activities conform to environmental legislation but we also actively pay attention to minimise waste, recycle and reduce energy consumption. Where possible we work with partners who have the same approach to the environment as ourselves.

Our dedicated approach is highlighted in our Environmental Policy and our staff’s commitment; that means we can provide a sustainable, qualified solution that will reduce costs while increasing resource efficiency.

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