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Operating Principles
We build solutions that meet your needs. We embrace modern construction methods and lean principles to provide you with highly-qualified, cost-effective and time efficient services.

Our construction methods are combined with exceptional project management that enable us to deliver a safe and responsive site management. We constantly strive to improve our quality management and ensure that everyone in our organization does not only work to meet, but also exceed your

For all things concerning quality and safety are our obligation and never compromises. Understanding our customers needs, we always try as on schedule and meet client’s budget.

Setting up Budget understood to plan essential resources for implementation of the Works.

Organizations all the times face with shortage of resource, hence, the managerial should also confront with budget limits.

Organizations all the times face with shortage of resource, hence, the managerial should also confront with budget limits.

Budget is also a tool to control, a criteria to compare and measure difference between utilization of actual resourcesand plan for such operation. In case of high exceeding budget,it is certainly to cause wastage and loose management and on the contrary obviously to lead to some limits in effectivenessand influences undertaken.

At Socon, we all comprehend the thing that our customers to tend to. We undertake to provide a suitable price as the Customer’s budget and expectation.

Safety and health above all else

Thinking and working safely are primary part of our culture.

Making sure our people get home safely is the most important thing we do.

Our goal is Zero Harm. So we work hard to make our workplaces as safe as possible by constant monitoring and assessment, and by implementing a company framework. And we continuously review our processes to ensure all systems keep working effectively over time and equipment is maintained in a safe condition and operates correctly for managing safety and health.

Caring for the environment and preventing pollution are important to Socon. As an organization, we are not only committed all our activities conform to environmental legislation but we also actively pay attention to minimise waste, recycle and reduce energy consumption. Where possible we work with partners who have the same approach to the environment as ourselves.

Our dedicated approach is highlighted in our Environmental Policy and our staff’s commitment; that means we can provide a sustainable, qualified solution that will reduce costs while increasing resource efficiency.

At Socon, we consider quality is not solely a factor in securing provision of construction solutions, but also in solution performance year after year. Therefore, we intensely focus on the quality of both our work and relationships. Our pledge is to provide the highest quality projects on schedule and within budget while consistently delivering excellent customer service.

We customize project, budget management and construction services to suit each individual client’s needs. This starts before projects even begin - by working with the entire team to review drawings and provide construction input in details, which should provide both cost and time savings; and thereafter continues until project completion with our commitment to highly qualified projects.

To consistently ensure good performance on every project, we enforce the Quality Management Policy and exercise total quality management to ensure our capability to provide the best solutions available to our clients. This policy is abided by all staff and our suppliers in order to determine and deliver an approach to quality, specifically to each project we undertake.

Measurement to evaluate success of a project completely based upon economic efficiency, construction quality, Works schedule undertaken, etc … the majority of all projects always face with delay in hand-over of the Works and this great influenced on the relevant Parties. Handed over punctually or not shall be completely based upon scientific and close management and coordination of Works schedule.

Socon all the times take the Works schedule as a priority. All Divisions always and closely coordinate together to offer preferential procurement plan, purchasing order, material delivered to the project site until completely used up.

Throughout execution of the Works, factors changeable schedule certainly unavoidable, however, we always strictly follow up to
reach out the Works programme as planned.

The trust of clients is our motivation to strive for further development!

At Socon, we focus on implementing the reliability-building under the top-down system. As a result, the role of management team is very important in building the organization’s confidence firstly to staff and then to customers.

Hence, what we do. What we exert ourselves. What we strive to get. Just complete what we promise to customer and try to develop an excellent reputation for efficiency and reliability in the market. This also helps to enhance the reliability from customers and motivate us to reach the goal.

Because we understand that the reliability not only creates long term engagement with customers we are cooperating, but also builds trust among potential customers and helps us increase influence on the community.

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