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Company Profile

Socon is a young construction company which is established on a passion and thirst for creating qualified and sustainable projects in Southeast Asian countries.

Based on capacity and experience of the founders, we take great pride in being a trust contractor to provide well-fitted construction solutions for industrial, high-rise and infrastructural projects to add customers’ value.

We can cover a full range of services to completely implement a project from design & build, management to operation and maintenance whether the project is in small or large scale, requires simple or sophisticated standards.

Understanding owners/ investors’ desires and expectations in a project, Socon always focuses on right schedule, construction quality, safety and environmental protection. We aim to provide the highest efficiency for the project, thereafter to build investor’s confidence in Socon’s prestige and professionalism through our capacity and working style.

Our goal is to generate long-term values for both customers and communities. We commit to provide excellent services that help improve daily life and mobility for urban appearance.

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