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Personnel Policy

The opportunity to experience a dynamic and professional environment.
SOCON is a young, dynamic company with teams of enthusiastic staff and highly experienced engineers that is on its way to grow strongly. Joining SOCON, you will have the opportunity to experience a professional working environment, to learn and develop yourselves.
SOCON has gradually grown to become one of the best construction contractors in Vietnam, we are committed to bring you a different experience when working in SOCON.

The opportunity to earn worthy salary and treatment policy

We believe that people are the most precious assets of SOCON, so we consider wage as the most effective investments. Therefore, while working in SOCON, you will receive a salary that match with your performance and be extremely competitive on the market.

Besides monthly salary, you also have the regular or irregular bonuses made by yourself, the excellent and dynamic staff, created during working, such as ahead of schedule bonus, site milestone achievement bonus, tender winning bonus…

In addition to salary and bonus, you also have other benefits, such as subsidized housing or residence (for particular cases), holiday bonus, year-end bonus, health insurance for yourself and your family.

The opportunity to learning and developing

We want you to grow up and learn lots of things while working at SOCON. So we implement advanced training and development programs to meet not only the employee’s need of upgrading skills but also the requirements of the business. SOCON realizes that the competitive advantage of us depending on the continued growth of each employee. You will be trained to undertake your role, and to prepare for development opportunities in the future.

Our training programs focus on developing profession skill, utilizing modern management software, upgrading team working skills as well as personal skills. With that guideline, we offer various training methods, including training on practical work, coached by direct managers, training technical knowledge and soft skills, development program for middle and senior managers.

The opportunity to be challenged and progressive
We do not want our business development only to a fixed rate and neither happen to our employees. Let us see your commitment and potential to help us achieve the strategic goals of the corporation, we will open up to you the opportunity to reach your career’s goals.

SOCON always create challenges for you right from the nature of the construction activities. We are constantly improving "standard", encourages staff to express opinion, debates and creative ideas. We never underestimate the power of initiative and always create opportunities for employees to be able to implement and transform their ideas into action. In other words, it's your chance to make a real difference to the operation of the business and your career as well.

Be cared for outside the working hours
You spend more than a third of day to work in the office or site, so there is no reason why we do not bring you the mental comfort so that you can assure to keep working. Sports activities, teambuilding, travel, party... are organized regularly in order to give you lots of fun and useful lessons; through which you can have the opportunity to understand each other better and develop the spirit of teamwork more efficiently.

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